This game will most definitely be funnier if you mute the audio.

Kids, this game has bad words

Made for the GAMES MADE QUICK??? III Game Jam

Would the game be funner if Eevee was the protagonist?

The entire project was made with:

Eevee sounded like a pretty fun and spunky person so I gave this a shot to make a fun game.

All of the music was made by me and can be found here.


  1. Field 2 (Soundtrack Version)
  2. Walking Among Giants
  3. Witch Hut
  4. Mushroom Grove

No offense to Eevee, I put her in my game as a joke and I hope I didn't stereotype her in an offensive way, I thought it was fun and cute.

I got really tired and sloppy at the end.



Crap 41 MB

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